Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Central Switzerland & visit to Martin's sister

Countryside near Luzerne:

This past weekend we spend in central Switzerland near the city of Luzerne. Two of Martin's sisters live there - the one we visited earlier (pictures of cows), Christine, with her family, and Regula with her boyfriend Thomas. We saw both families though we stayed with Regula this time.

As we were leaving, Christine gave us a linzertorte (think shortbread crust with raspberry jam filling on top) from this place, a small bakery run by Margrit Aufdermauer ("on the wall" is the direct translation of her name). The linzertorte is excellent.

Mainly family pictures...
Thomas with our two girls, holding a "family planning" book. OK, so it is for Regula's work, but that didn't stop Martin from giving them a hard time.

Saturday we went to a traffic (train/car/plane) museum in Luzerne. It was very windy, but I think Switzerland did not really have any problems like some other places in central europe due to the wind.
Sunday we went for a walk by the lake. By afternoon, the sun started shining sometimes through holes in the clouds. Sonja pushing Emily near Giswil.

Thomas and Regula in the background...

And a closeup of the two lovebirds :)

Sonja and Regula


Christine with Leoni. Like Christine, Leoni can touch the tongue to the tip of her nose.

Regula, Aline and Emily

Regula, Aline and Sonja


Matt Heavner said...

Awesome photos! Great scenery and everyone looks so happy!

Cecile said...

What beautiful pictures ! I really need to move to Switzerland !!!