Thursday, March 1, 2007

First post

Well, here we are, beginning of March, and a lot of things happening this weekend: First Friday art gallery openings, Native Arts Festival the entire weekend starting tonight, Ice Alaska single-block competition is ending tonight, and the lighting will be over the weekend, with multiblock to follow in a couple days, so we will be busy.

The relatively cool weather that has been hanging around for the last almost two weeks continues to dip night temperatures into -3x F range, but luckily the sunshine warms the air up during the day to close to 0F.

Tuesday late evening, I went skijoring with the dogs to Isberg Trails, aurora was dancing overhead, moon was providing plenty of light, and though the temperature was around -20F, all three of us enjoyed the outing thoroughly. Especially the dogs. They have been a bit stircrazy since we haven't taken them much (we got spoiled with the nice weather at the end of January). I let them run for the first couple miles, and then hooked them up. Even after running around in circles and chasing each other for those first two miles , they had plenty of energy left, and dragged me on the rather slow trails for the next four miles. The one inch of snow we got on Sunday made for a wonderful covering of the trails, but also for a slower skiing than would have been on a packed trail. But it was fun to be making the first tracks in that new snow.