Monday, May 10, 2010

Camping on the Chena

We had a very nice camping trip this past weekend. Good company. Sunshine. Great bonfire. A nice hike up the beginning of the granite tors trail, followed by a nice melow paddling trip from our campsite to the bridge a couple roadmiles downstream.

Keith and Susan joined us for the bonfire, together with Regine, otherwise it was just our two families with four kids total.

Dads paddling with the kids, right by our campsite. The granite tors trail is on the opposite bank, and we used the canoe and kayak to get there. A lot of fun.

The bonfire, including smores.

Sonja got an early present for her birthday from those guys: her first swiss army knife. That's what it's called, "My first swiss army knife" or such. Does not have a point at the end, which is very nice.

Emilie and Elias throwing rocks into the river.