Monday, December 8, 2008


Barbara, who is swiss, invited us over to her place this past saturday to make Grittibänz - a yeasted bread in the shape of a person that is made in Switzerland traditionally on St Nicola's day, Dec 6. (I think, I will have to double check with Martin, who is busy right now preparing his poster for AGU.) Anyways, it was great, because we wouldn't have made them otherwise. Here is the fruit of our labors. A traditional Grittibänz is in lower right. Some untraditional ones are turtle, butterfly, pig's face, hedgehog, snail, and some with a lot of raisins that Sonja decorated all by herself. Thanks, Barbara!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Martin's new toy

Email him to get his phone number. Sonja likes it too, now she wants to watch "krtek" on papa's phone. (Search for krtek on youtube, it's a czech thing...small animated feature for kids.)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Three minute chocolate cake

Two days ago, I made this cake: all of its two servings, mixed in a coffee cup, three minutes in the microwave, and it's done. Excellent with vanilla ice cream and some fruit liquor. I won't put in the chocolate chips next time, they burned, but we'll definitely repeat the chocolate cake again.

Zehn Prunze (Teeth peeing)

While most people might be doing "Zehn Putze" (teeth cleaning, or brushing) before going to be, Sonja goes to do Zehn Prunze instead (teeth peeing).