Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Winter in California vs Winter in Alaska

While Martin has been busy enjoying incredible scenery but unfortunately not doing much due to weather (see his blog at, which I assume will stop being updated when he actually gets to do fieldwork), we have enjoyed a trip to california. Today, we visited the California Academy of Sciences - really an indoor rainforest and aquarium. Kids enjoyed it, but it was a lot. Sonja drew this picture tonight: California on the left, Alaska on the right.

On the California in winter page, there is a rainbow (she started drawing those after we saw one on the way to Petaluma a couple days ago), sun and multiple butterflies, including the blue one like we saw at the academy today. Raindrops below that since you need rain in order to see rainbow. And below that, a tree with apples and branches on which there are butterflies, and a flower. Interestingly, the tree has leaves on the bottom just like the flower. Grass below that.

On the Alaska page, there are three rows of snowflakes, hills or mountains with the sun setting behind them, and a house.

And, all of the above drawn in the one color that sonja carefully selected from the 20 that are in the pouch - a pink one. :)