Friday, February 29, 2008

Another day at the zoo

We spend the day at the zoo on Monday by ourselves, and also on Thursday with Elsbeth and Lena, and Elias who was mainly asleep. After we got home, Martin and Tinu joined us and for once we treated Elsbeth+Tinu+Lena to a dinner. We still owe them a lot of food though.

Some pictures from the day:

We always have to go see the Turtles first, according to Sonja:

Then, very often, the orangutans and the gorilla next, just up the hill from the turtles. The little gorilla is about a month older than Emilie.

The peacock treated us to a wonderful display:

One of the toys on the playground at the zoo, where we will likely spend a lot of time in the future. Especially once the weather is warm enough for them to turn on the water - here is a water sculpture of sorts for the kids to play in.

They have a huge hall filled with plants and animals from the Madagascar rainforest. Sonja doesn't care about the rainforest, but she sure likes the small house in it, which if a bit more her size than others. Here, she and Lena try out the binoculars, to which Sonja refers as the camera that she wil take pictures with.

At our apartment in the evening: Lena+Sonja, Elias+Emily, and Martin goofing off with the kids on the play mattress in our living room. That is a great thing - got a second-hand mattress to put on the floor, and that is our play space. It gets used a lot.

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