Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fasnacht (Carnival) in Luzerne

With Sonja and Emilie, we took a day trip today to Luzerne (while Martin worked), which apparently has the biggest and most famous Fasnacht (Carnival) celebrations in this part of Switzerland. That's what Martin said. Zurich has its own fasnacht, next weekend.

OK, so it was nothing like the Brazilian carnival, but still pretty cool. Today, they had the children's parade, which only makes me wonder what the actual parade
looks like. The entire city was amok with all sorts of things, from bunnies and snails to knights and kings and space aliens. While the actual parade was mainly of children, there were plenty of Guggenmusik groups playing everywhere (even the train station itself, so it was the first thing we heard on getting out of the train), and plenty of spectators everywhere. Definitely a super tuesday.

This is Luzern, with its historic wooden bridge which burned down a few years ago and got rebuild. Oops, I just checked the wikipedia entry on Luzern, and looks like the bridge burned already back in 1993.

Building decorations, which probably wouldnn't fly in the states:

Some pictures from the day, snapped while carrying one or the other or both...
Is this truly switzerland? Confetti on the ground?

Much more swiss... two cowbells

Reminders of home:

And the funniest costume I saw:

(the costume was worn by the mother of the bear or bunny also seen in the picture)

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