Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Puttanesca sauce for polenta or spaghetti

Here in Zurich I started making polenta regularly. Because polenta does not have much texture, it is good with a sauce that is chunky. This is what I often make:

Puttanesca: tomato sauce with olives

1 can chopped tomatoes
some olives, pitted and halved (I use kalamata)
some onion, chopped
some garlic, chopped
bouillon powder to taste
1 Tablespoon or so (olive) oil

Fry the onions and garlic in the oil. Add the tomatoes and the olives, rinsing the tomato can with a bit of water and adding that to the sauce if you wish. If the tomatoes are not salted, add enough vegetable or other bouillon to get the sauce to the saltiness you like. Let the sauce simmer slowly. At least half an hour, though an hour is probably better to get the flavors blended. Serve over polenta or pasta.

Hmmm, I just went to wikipedia to check the spelling, and learned that: pasta alla Puttanesca mean[s] "Pasta in the way a whore would make it". Never too late to learn something new....

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