Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ice skating with a stroller

Sunday night Elsbeth called to say that while the beautiful sunny weather was holding, she was going to stay around Einsiedeln and do things around there. In particular, she was going to go ice skating on the lake the next day. With Elias in the stroller, and Lena on the baby board attached to the stroller.

That sounded enough interesting that I decided to go visit her, even though we have travelled quite a bit in the previous five days.

Elsbeth helping Lena on the baby skates:

Ice skating with two kids on a stroller:

No problem at all:

First time I saw windsurfing on some sort of ski (didn't get a good look):

At Elsbeth and Tinu's home, the girls sitting on a cold stove:

Lena chatting with her dad:

The girls were doing "jumping" into the bed over and over again:

Finally, the only reason I got these pictures is because someone found the backpack I left in the train on the way home and turned it in to the Lost+Found...including the camera. That was a really nice surprise, to get absolutely everything back, including the camera.


Matt Heavner said...

What a great set of photos, fun times, and happy ending! Please tell Elsbeth and Tinu hello and it is great to see them on your blog!!

Cecile said...

Wonderful pictures.