Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sledding with firewood

This weekend we visited Martin's parents ("grandma and grandpa") again. On Saturday afternoon, Martin and his nephew, Mattias, helped grandpa to get some firewood down to the village from the forest above. They used the traditional sleds used for that purpose.

Martin heading down the hill with a load of firewood (ok, he is nearly stopped).

Mattias and grandpa pose with their sleds loaded with firewood. (To break or steer, you use your feet, and you hold onto the sled with those long sticks up front)

Mattias heading further down. Boy did he have fun! And Martin too! Martin thought Mattias could frostbite his toes before he would give up the chance to help with this.

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Carrie said...

This traditional way of getting firewood is so cool! It looks so fun and so wonderfully old-fashioned. Your blog is the best - reading it really makes me wish we lived somewhere else and were able to travel around more. I am feeling like our lives are a bit boring!

Love from us to you,