Saturday, February 23, 2008

Spring is in the air

The first flowers are popping up everywhere. Last week we saw some through a chainlink fence:

Today was another nice and sunny day, and it seemed that everyone in Zurich went to the lake. What a contrast with the nearly deserted lakeside when we went to feed the birds with old bread last time:

The whole time we were downtown we heard a lot of car horns and shouts. Unlike last Sunday, when the people were waving the black eagle on red background flag (Kosovo), this must have been a counterdemonstration of serbs against the independence of Kosovo.

Some more flowers at the university, no longer in sunshine because we were so long at the lake:

Can't tell a toddler not to pick flowers.

A piece of garbage. I see a piece of garbage next to that flower. Is that possible? In Switzerland? (The truth is, nearly every single day we go out of the house we see street cleaners somewhere. It is a pretty darn clean place. Good thing too, since Emily wants to put all of it into her mouth.)

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