Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter eggs, doves, and visitors

From our apartment we look over the rooftops of the world. OK, not the world, just Zurich. On the way down to the street, it is great to watch things from different levels. I hoped to take a picture of these doves from multiple places, but at the end only this picture ended up being ok, without branches blocking the doves from view. Rather romantic.

Tonight's visitors who brought an excellent salad and dessert: Hil, Sophie and Ryan. It has been amazing to watch Sophie grow up so much since we first saw her.

Will was put to good use. Reminds me of the American Gothic, the picture of the farmer with a pitchfork and his wife.

Will and Anne leave tomorrow on the next stage of their trip:

Our onion-skin colored easter eggs. I am rather happy how they came out.

For next year: the skins form about 2 lbs of brown onions are boiled in 2-3 quarts water for 20 minutes with 1 tablespoon salt. Test on a white piece of paper if it is a strong enough brew. If not, add more onion skins, or black tea.... Meanwhile, boil the eggs in a single layer in vinegar water for 8-10 minutes, put into cold water, then let dry....With egg white, paint some leaves, press them onto the dry eggs and smooth out. (Since I boiled all the eggs, I used regular paper glue.). Use a piece of an old stocking or similar to cover the egg so the leaf can't fall off, tie it off tight.(I used bandage from the first aid kit) ... Put the eggs into the onion brew for 2 hours or so... then remove from water, remove stocking and leaf, dry off, possibly shine with some oil or bacon.

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