Monday, March 10, 2008

Kids and kids (little people and little goats)

We spent the weekend at the grandparents'. Highlight for Sonja were relatives (among others her cousin Sophie, who is not quite a year younger) and animals: both goats and a wonderful cat that always came by when she heard us passing her territory, and followed us a ways each time.

Sonja giving her finger to a goat (they tried to gnaw on absolutely everything: fingers, shoelaces, camera, jackets, trousers, EVERYthing. No damage except for saliva.) Behind Sonja is Martin and his sister's family.

A week-old kid. Sophie was there when it was born.

Sophie, Sonja and Martin, walking back up from the stall. The place is steep.

The very social cat Mitzi.

Sonja pretending to be a cat.

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Cecile said...

This street is so steep !!!
Now I understand why the Swiss were always in good shape in Fairbanks.