Thursday, March 6, 2008

Evindence of Emma as seen from our balcony

So it was Emma who put all that wind into Europe the past weekend.

Yesterday, our downstairs (4th floor) neighbors came back from their 4 day trip to Italy, and Nancy told me that last Friday night was a pretty scary affair. Apparently the wind was just howling and howling. Across the little side street from us, the entire glass side of a balcony shattered over time (the middle balcony on the picture is missing the glass).

Across the bigger street someone left the door open on a daycare and the wind was apparently moving the chairs and whatnot inside. Some shutters were banging. And, perhaps scariest, two floors below us (3rd floor), the wind picked up a table that was on that balcony, and tossed it over the railing. Lucky no cars parked underneath got hit.

Today I tried to go see whether I could see the table, but there was nothing. So at least a picture of our balcony and our table, and the waist-high railing. You can also see the much bigger 3rd floor balcony, and they probably had a table similar to ours on it... Sure glad neither I, nor anyone else was below either the falling glass or the flying table.

Perhaps I should start paying a bit more attention to what is happening around, it might have been a good idea to close our shutters if we knew a windstorm was coming.

On an unrelated note, I just heard that our governor is 7 months pregnant with the fifth child, but expects that it won't affect her duties... Hmmm... I would have hoped someone in a prominent position like that would chose to be a role model showing responsibility, and not necessarily having a large family. May she have an easy childbirth.

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Matt Heavner said...

Crazy wind storm! Glad no one got hurt.

Yeah, Palin continues to be a bit of an enigmatic figure--it is great to see her giving Stevens and Young a hard time! Overall, I think I'm a Palin fan.

The story at
is a good read. I wondered about her taking a bit of maternity leave, but, well.. here's an excerpt:

She said her work as Wasilla mayor had only a brief interruption when she had her youngest daughter, Piper, six years ago.

"I had Piper on a Monday and I was back to work on a Tuesday," Palin said. "I even brought her to work with me."


Todd Palin, a worker in the North Slope oil fields, is on leave from his job with oil giant BP.

She's a badass (and Todd "First Dude" broke some ribs in the Iron man snow machine race.)