Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eastern Switzerland - St. Antonien

On Tuesday I and the girls tagged along with Will and Anne to the scenic St. Antonien in Eastern Switzerland, to visit Elsbeth and Tinu and Lena and Elias. A bit over two hours each way, but the company was good, and even though there were mainly clouds, we did see some sun that day, and Sonja enjoyed digging with a showel in the snow once again.

Some castle seen from the train:

It had snowed the previous day and night. The snow line was very definite. It was beautiful, green meadows and fields below, and white above. I just couldn't get a nice shot of it with two kids on my lap. This is the best I did on the bus:

Finally we arrive at St. Antonien. The church is from 1483. Elsbeth and Tinu stayed on the farm that is the last building visible in the background.

A cat on the farm:

At the farm:

Elsbeth and Tinu treating us to a lunch of bread and some local cheese they got from the farmers, both hard cheese and some soft goat cheese.

We visited the farm animals, to the joy of all involved:

Here is the bunch of them that stayed the night, while Sonja and Emily and I headed back home to Zurich half an hour later.

It was the coldest day since Elsbeth and Tinu got there, and Lena was getting very cold, and unhappy because of it. We headed in for a hot chocolate while I waited for the bus.

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