Saturday, March 15, 2008

Catastrophe... averted

Catastrophe ... luckily averted. Anyone with kids can understand - this happened to our "Baby", which goes with us EVERYwhere.

The perpetrator, eh, rather the suspect:

The perpetrator (a few months back) and the victim:

The innocent bystanders or suspects:

Accident description:

Location: Zurich Zoo, Monkeyhouse

The victim was being held by the suspect, looking at the bystanders in the enclosure down below. Suddenly the victim was in the enclosure together with the bystanders. The suspect claims to have done nothing, and in fact seemed to be rather unhappy, to say the least. It does appear that the victim was not tossed into the enclosure, but rather slipped out of the suspects hands.

The zoo attendants retrieved the victim several hours later. A few scratches to the head. A lot of (stinky) saliva covering the clothing of the victim and the cloth part of the victim itself. No major injuries.

The victim choose not to press charges against the suspect, as they have a long history together. Both have traveled extensively together, from Barrow, Alaska to various European cities and countryside. The victim was thoroughly cleaned and is recuperating on top of the heater.


Matt Heavner said...

Hilarious! Great writeup--thanks for the laugh!

We have a "twin" of Torsten's lovey, and one time after a wash, Torsten found both!! That was the opposite kind of problem. We told him that "Dee-dee's cousin" was coming to visit for a few days.. Creative parenting, but nothing compared to your great writeup!

Cecile said...

Such a funny story.