Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter bunny

Looks like there ar a couple different traditions with the easter eggs in Switzerland. In one part, the kids build a nest for the easter bunny, and the bunny lays eggs in it and hides it overnight, and the kids have to find their own nest the next morning. (Where did the chicken go? May be the bunny just relays the eggs from the chicken to the nest...) In a different part, no nest is needed, and the kids just go looking for the eggs in the morning. (But Lucie said that instead of the problem with easter bunny laying the eggs, it is the bells that ring and bring the eggs from the chickens to the kids... I don't know how much of an improvement is that over the bunny bringing eggs :)

Tom was very nice and made a nest for Sonja. Here are the kids filling the nests with green "grass"

The next morning, it was Tom again who found Sonja's nest, and gave it to her.

All the kids (except for Sonja) pose with their eggs. As each kid had more eggs than could be carried, the cones became an impromptu easter egg basket.

Earlier this winter, Martin tried to take Sonja downhill skiing, but she was put off by the heavy boots. This weekend, she did try to put on the cross country boots, and stayed on the skis for probably a quarter hour - a relatively long time.

On Sunday, Barbara and I went with our respective kids sledding. Here she shows it's no problem going sledding with three kids. I don't know how she does it.

Pictures of the kids... Alice and Lancelot:

Linnea flanked by Sonja on one side and Emily on the other:

Tom proudly shows off his "Alaska grown" Tshirt that is identical to Sonja's. Tom loves the orange color. Annika is on the side. (We should have brought two more shirts for Alice and Lancelot, but didn't get to it by the time we left Fairbanks.)

Jim, smiling over the peeled pears waiting to be baked in a tart.

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