Monday, March 24, 2008

Moms go skiing, dads watch the kids

Busy weekend. Long weekend. In Switzerland, most people get both the Friday and the Monday of Easter off, making it a four day weekend. We went to Davos, visited Chris and Barbara who lived in Fairbanks for a couple years some five years ago. Lucie and Edward were also visiting with their kids.

Saturday the moms got to do some fun things (myself, Lucie and Barbara):

While the dads watched the kids: (Edward with Lancelot, Alice and Linnea; Chris with Annika on his knees and Tom and Jim; and Martin with Emily and Sonja)

(The dads got their own skitour in on Monday, while the moms watched the kids.)

In addition to ski touring, both Martin and I managed to go skate skiing twice this weekend. It was the most exercise we got this winter. Snowed most days, but both Saturday and Monday were by chance very nice days.

Easter report tomorrow, hopefully...


Matt Heavner said...

Awesome weekend! That last picture would be child abuse in the states--good thing the Europeans are so lax! :) Who had the best time skiing (that is, the biggest fall!)?

Juneau got a record snowfall and a thunder/lightning storm for Easter!

Cecile said...

I sounds like fun. I looked at the pictures. The adults haven't changed much but the kids... Woaw... Alice is such a big girl now. Same thing for Tom. Last time, I saw them they were tiny babies.

Thanks for posting these.