Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tutanchamun exhibition

This morning I and the girls went to check out the Tutanchamun exhibition that is here in Zurich for several months. The exhibitions shows all? most? of the articles found in Tutanchamun's burial chamber. Not the real thing, just reproductions. Apparently the best reproductions ever produced.
With two kids in tow, I didn't get as much out of it as if I had time to actually read the (english) information, but it was still impressive. Of course the baby went with it. It does go pretty much everywhere we go, afterall. Luckily, it did not have to pay for an admission. The girls neither. I was trying to point to Sonja the animals that were there (monkeys, dogs, lions, birds,...). That kept her somewhat occupied.

Doggie, not quite alaskan.

The sarcophagus was inside a bunch of heavily decorated boxes. (I am sure they have a name, but I really didn't get to read about it.) Think russian dolls hat nest inside each other. At left is the sarcophagus, then a clay box, and then two of the four? golden boxes are visible behind.

There were many of these foot-or-two high golden figurines that were supposed to help Tutanchamun in the afterlife (1 for each day of the year, then a bunch of others, making more than 400 others, of which some two to three dozen were displayed in the exhibition.)

Overall, it is very impressive, and Howard Carter, who discovered the grave, must have been stunned when he made the discovery.

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