Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our girl is seven months

This girl here is seven months today.

Time sure flies. She now sits very well, and if there is anything in front of her, she leans over to grab it. (Then it goes into the mouth.) If it is too far in front, she thinks about it a bit, then leans wayyyy forward and tries to grab it. Sometimes she leans too much though.

She is now learning to stand while holding onto something. She wants to practice all the time... those knees don't bend anymore if I am putting her down somewhere. And she is discovering her voice (for example, at 6am. One exception is at the doctor's: she was mum quiet there, and I was asked whether she vocalizes. ohhh, yes, she does vocalize. Eeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. She is holding it longer and longer. I think she is practicing her name, Eeeeeeeeeeemily.).

She also loves to interact with people. As she has done since we got here, in the trams, she looks around until she finds a person who will look back at her. She smiles, waits for a smile in return. When that comes, she really opens her smile and plays a bit shy, hiding into my shoulder if she is in the sling.

And those eyes, nothing can escape those eyes. They want to see everything that is happening. Getting her to nap while we take a walk outside is becoming nearly impossible, she needs to observe everything in sight.

And apparently she does love chocolate (see a couple posts ago).

Thanks for coming to us seven months ago, Zwärg (as your dad calls you) or Zlatíčko, Sluníčko (some diminutives in czech that I call both our girls)

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