Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Swans (aka Creamer's Field again)

Breakup time... the extratuffs and rubber boots came out in full force.

With Sonja, we visited Creamer's field again today. A couple swans flew over us. Joined another two swans on the ground.

Our bird count:

countless Canada Geese, Greater white-fronted geese, swans, two american kestrels hovering at times over the poor birds below them, mallards (the normal ducks with the green head), pintails (the ducks with the long tail), and some gulls.

One person told me she saw one sandhill crane in the tall grass earlier, we did not see that one.

But it is cool to see the birds arrive. It doesn't look that much as a migration, but each minute, another group of geese arrives - sometimes two, sometimes ten, never that many together, but it all adds up. It would be really cool to see the cranes come together - a bunch of years ago I saw that by Delta Junction, must have been a thousand birds together...

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