Monday, April 27, 2009


Breakup. Endless interpretations.
1) water projects in the driveway.

2) cars stuck in the driveway.

(Last Friday: Looking up towards the house)

(Looking down to where the car spent the night)

The truck, today, stuck at the very top of the driveway. To the right of the truck is the igloo we made this winter - only the opening is really visible.

(Mom, it's ok - don't worry - during the night, the slush freezes again, and we can drive the cars out without problem the next morning. So no worries.)

3) Breakup also means the bugs are back. The first sat on Emilie's head. It was quickly destroyed. The second was killed, then photographed.

4) Breakup means plenty of puddles to stomp through and on occasion, fall into. (Emilie, today, near Sonja's daycare - wet leaves were plastered on her face. Poor girl.)

And, unrelated, some other pictures.

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