Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Scenery from the dogmusher's trail

Martin will laugh about this one when he sees all the pictures on our computer of two dogs on a trail, but today I thought I will try to capture some of the scenery on the ADMA trails (Alaska Dog Musher's Association) that are within the area in between College Road and Farmer's Loop. As a result, there are some 60 pictures on our computer now that have two dogs on a trail on them :). My pictures, Martin, don't touch! :)

I really love the variety of habitat along that trail. (It is the turquoise, green and yellow trail on the west end of the trail system). Considering that it is mainly spruce trees and birch trees (and shrubs), some of the trail leads under big trees (ok, only a very small part), some goes through birch forest, and a lot goes through the drunken forest of scrawny trees on permafrost. Still, there is something cool about that scenery.

Moose poop! We didn't see the moose that left those nuggets on the trail, but we did see one earlier - luckily just the hind end of it as it was disappearing into the bushes.

Birch Hill in the background. North edge of the trail that gets the most sun is snow-free.

Not that scrawny... but not normal size either.

Drunken forest...

More scrawny trees.

Some big(ger) trees, some small trees.

In the background is the ridge above Farmer's Loop.

Big trees!

Skiing was marginal today. We went from 4 to 5pm, during the warmest temperatures of the day (but when the kids were still in daycare, which was the reason we could go out at all) and some places the snow was very very slow. Still, I might try to take the dogs Friday once again. Can't complain about skiing mid-April!

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Matt Heavner said...

Awesome photo-trip!! But if you aren't the lead dog, the scenery never changes :)

We're in the Triton today--so weird to be here and no big AGU! (There is a small sensor network workshop I'm helping out with..)