Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The geese really are at Creamer's Field

Today I had to pick up some dogfood at Alaska Feed, so I stopped next door at Creamer's field too. In the past week since the geese have arrived, I skijored just in the trees on the outskirt of the field, but never stopped by to check out the birds. It is really incredible - if they hadn't plowed the field and spread some grain on it, the birds would be sitting on snow... I heard they had snow buntings too. Might have to go check things out with binoculars, to see which migrating birds besides the geese made it. We did see two ducks flying this morning, but that was very likely a pair from the resident duck population that stays here the entire winter (thanks to the power plant which dumps hot water into the Chena River and keeps it from freezing for a couple miles).

Meltwise, things are definitely melting, but the snow remains. A lot of it. Except under some trees. Where there might be a big puddle instead. A great puddle to play in. There were more kids playing around that puddle than anywhere else in the playground. The teachers at daycare said this is nothing, that I will see in a week or two what "muddy" means...

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