Thursday, April 9, 2009

Roof avalanche. And the first geese???

It has been a cool spring, which means that skijoring is still wonderful - the river is gerat (went there on Monday, finishing around 10pm), the Rosie Creek trails were great a week ago when I did an evening skijor there for the first time this season.

The sun is unstoppable though, so things in the sun have been melting, and in the last two days even air temperatures have come up above melting. Roads are dry except where some snowmelt flows onto the pavement (and freezes at night).

The snow on the steep part of our roof finally got enough lubrication and slid off today. Have to stomp a nice path through that to get to the cars. There is a thin line of water coming off the other parts of the roof too, in the afternoons. Definitely spring in the air, even if these things normally happen in March, not April.

Today I skijored with the dogs at Creamer's field and the dog musher's trails. Great conditions. Hardly icy and also not slushy (I went from 8:30pm to 9:30pm), wide trails... A fox here (of interest to Cooper), a hare there (of interest to Saphira)... The geese I did not see. I didn't even know any were going to be there since it has been so cool, and thought Martin was joking when he asked me if I saw them. Might have to go back tomorrow and check them out... to make sure that spring is indeed on the way.

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