Sunday, April 5, 2009

Black Rapids Glacier

Today the weather was great down in the mountains, and so Martin and others went to survey Black Rapids Glacier (they originally planned to do it yesterday but weather forecast was not very good).

Except for the last several years, there is continuous data for the glacier since 1973. Unfortunately there is no funding to continue the measurements. Another Martin volunteered to fly Martin up, and others joined in for a few minutes or the whole day - Keith flew in with Flanders, the Nolans (one? more? I forgot to ask) were also present, and Chris brought Sam up (Jess was down in Anchorage area since Redoubt is still erupting yesterday and today)... and so they completed most though not quite all of what they set out to do.

Some pictures:

The youngest glaciologist of the group, Sam, 5 (meaning neither Sonja nor Emilie nor I made it :):

The four planes (L to R Kristin's, Chris's behind, Flanders', and Martin's) parked up on the glacier:

There is a plane to the left of the peak, and White Princess (a mountain on the other side of the big valley) is peaking up above the plane as a small white triangle:

Some scenery:

Flanders' plane:


Matt Heavner said...

We did a glacier push as well down here! (And it was the royal we--Eran and I taught, and sent a student (Nick), a research Tech (Josh G) and Mike Hekkers (research tech/lab manager) up for the fun.

Check it out

Cecile said...

Stunning pictures! Too bad that you could make it.