Friday, April 3, 2009

Ice polar bear (or polar ice bear?)

Amazingly, one of the tulip bulbs that I planted a few weeks ago is flowering (may be just for you, big T - happy 5th birthday today!) now to see whether those planted outside survived the looooong winter.

Now for some sad news. What used to look like this for the last 1/4 year:

turned into this today as I was driving by:

Early in its life, the ice polar bear's head fell off. Luckily, they repaired it within a few days. From then on, whenever Martin and Sonja drove by (which means every weekday), Sonja would shout "it still has its head, papa". Well, no more ice polar bear, so may be spring is really on its way.

A bit up the hill, the bohemian waxwings were having a feast:

From a bit away, they look all grey. Then as one gets closer, the wonderful yellow on the tail and red on the underside become more visible... beautiful birds in beautiful trees. We might have to plant some chokecherries around our house, too :)

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Matt Heavner said...

Awesome! T is having a great birthday celebration--he's been on cloud 9 all week (despite the black eye from rough housing with dad!).

It is trying to be spring here as well, although we are under a winter storm warning at the moment, with about an inch+ of new snow, and the promise of snow all day with 3-5 inches total! We have some tulips (see the birthday pictures at our blog), and the birds are out (and a bit upset about the snow, if I'm reading bird body language correctly!).. So we feel like we are right there with ya!