Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Occassional quills

A week after his last encounter with a porcupine (and an encounter with the vet to be sedated so the quills can be taken out), and a-week-and-a-half after his first encounter, Cooper now had two (broke off) quills coming out the top of his mouth, the sharp part making its way out. Here is a closeup of the first one, the black thing is the quill on its way out:

Martin managed to get a hold of it and jerk it out the following day, when it was out a bit more. Another quill was on the bottom of his mouth yesterday. Martin tried to do the same, but Cooper left, and then it was no longer there - may be it fell off?

I just hope that Cooper learned that porcupines should be left alone...only time will tell.

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