Sunday, August 17, 2008

time to stop... (an experience at an irish pub)

Last night we spent in Westford, together with Jason and Tolly, who had already joined us the previous night when we camped at Ballina. Westport is a happening city. We went to listen to 'traditional' music (that would be irish traditional), in a pub one block from the hostel where the kids slept while Eslbeth watched them. After an hour of music, and a pint of (alcoholic) cider, it was time for me to head back, since Elsbeth sent an SMS with the text message 'e' - we interpretted that as Emilie is screaming, but could have been also Elsbeth with Elias and Emily are up. So I switched with Elsbeth, and stayed with the kids afterwards, while the rest of the gang enjoyed the trad music some more.

Apparently things got more exciting, as members of the audience joined in the fiddling and singning, and some started dancing. I asked Martin if some people had left, since the place had been jam-packed when I had to leave, but no, apparently they just danced in a really small space. A lot of fun was had by all.

Around 2am, according to Martin, a policeman came into the bar, saying that it was time to stop, since everyone had to go to church at 8am, afterall. (Martin and Jason can correct me on this). The musicians replied whether he wanted to join them instead? :No, I would like to write you up:, was the reply. But he did relent a bit. And so there was one more song and that was it.

Sounds like they had fun there at the pub.

Tonight, we are spending a night at the Monastery hostel in Letterfrack. Unique place for sure. Weather stopped cooperating around lunchtime today.

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Hilary said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful trip! Ah, those Irish pubs....but what were you doing drinking cider and not Guinness???