Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our girl is one!

Our girl turned one while we were in Ireland.

She walks like a champ, can go over doorsteps without too many problems. She has five teeth, three on top, two on the bottom. She likes me a lot, but if I am out of the room, she is happy with Martin too. And even if I am in the room, and we tell Emilie to go give papa a kiss, she will, generally, go to him, and give him a kiss. She does not say very many things yet: aaahhh when I say it at the table to get her to open her mouth, so that I can put a spoon into it. something that sounds like mama, though not necessarily referring to me. something that sounds like baba, though not referring necessarily to Martin.

She loves water. Then again, what kid doesn't? She laughs easily, a very cute laugh. She gets upset easily, in particular, if she found a big piece of clothing that she has grabbed and is dragging around the house, and steps onto it, and now it won't move... well, hopefully she will figure it out one of these days, and stop screaming her head off when that happens.

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Hil said...

Happy Birthday Emilie!!!