Monday, August 11, 2008

In print

Martin took a journalist on a glacier above his parents' village a week ago, now the article is out. In the french-language Le Temps, it is an article whose summary is below. That journal apparently wanted to check out what is happening to some glaciers less well known than the typical (swiss) Gornergletscher and Aletschgletscher.

Marcher sur un glacier grondant
LT - 11.08.2008
Histoire(s) de glaciers méconnus (1/6). Le glacier de Ried peut être traversé sans équipement particulier. Sentir, ouïr et voir vivre cette mer de glace qui s'amenuise est rare et fascinant. Découverte avec un glaciologue local.

Cool thing: the (english) book quoted in the article is all online, in google books. Pretty cool.


Matt Heavner said...

My french is non-existent, but this doesn't sound good: "Martin Truffer montre au loin"--something about Martin's loins? :) I went to an online translator and I got "Martin Truffer shows off"--Martin is showing his loins?

Cool article--I just wanted some photos to see if Martin is still wearing XtraTufs on the glacier traverses.

Not sure, but for non-French readers, try this link for auto-translate (to English) Martin shows off his childhood glacier.

Dana said...

Thanks, Matt, for the link to auto-translate.

As far as I know, Martin was just showing off the glacier :)