Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ireland and a night in Omagh hostel

We spend yesteday
- walking to the tram station
- riding the tram to the train station
- riding the train to the airport
- flying the plane to ireland
- taking the bus from airport to car rental
- driving in the car from Dublin to Omagh

And now we have just spend a night in the Omagh Hostel. It was a welcome relief to have finally arrived here yesterday, everything was just taking a bit longer than it needed to. The train to the airport defied the swiss punctuality and finally rolled out of Zurich main station six minutes after its scheduled departure. The plane was half an hour late leaving the Zurich airport. Our bags didn't get lost, but we had to wait because of mechanical failure and only got them an hour after we landed. And our car was not quite ready for us when we checked in (even though we were late, with the plane and the bags being late), though that took only five to ten minutes.

Ireland did not disappoint us. Frequent showers :) (of the rainy kind), observed from within the dry car. Stone walls surrounding green pastures. Sheep, cows. People speaking english in a peculiar way (the clerk at the booze store I had a real problem understanding). Friendly people. Green all around. Old towns.

The Omagh Hostel was a good choice for us. We are travelling with Elsbeth, Tinu, and their two kids same age as ours. The eight of us got one of the six-bed dormitories here in the hostel. We pushed three beds side-by-side, same with the other three beds, and each family took one of these. The kitchen allowed us to make a nice quick pasta dinner last night when the kids were tired, instead of having to find some restaurant. The hostel is a bit out of town, but they do pick up and drop people off at the bus station if needed. They are the first in northern ireland to receive the European Ecolabel, known as the EU flower (due to the symbol shape). They have a garden behind the house that we will go explore with the kids, now that it's not raining, and check out the geese and ducks there, as well as the cows and bunnies on the neighbor's pasture.

And then it's off to the northwest from here.

(Picture of the hostel from the hostel's website, since we don't really have a camera here, except for the video camera that takes shoddy stills, and that we have no way of uploading anyways.)
The hostel, from the hostel's website:

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marella said...

Thanks Dana for taking the time to write about Omagh Hostel. I did not see you leaving so didn't get to say goodbye .Glad it was a positive experience for you all.Maybe see you again sometime in the future....By the way...its still raining!