Saturday, August 9, 2008

Street Parade

After the kids went to bed, with Martin watching them, I went to check out this years Street Parade.

According to this wikipedia entry,
The Street Parade is [one of] the most attended technoparade[s] in Europe.


Matt Heavner said...

Awesome! That parade looks like fun. And similar to what you'll see when you get back to Fairbanks--what's that event called? Hmm.. The start of the Yukon Quest? :)

Dana said...

Matt, what Martin thinks about that: if you would transplant the Street Parade to the beginning of the Yukon Quest, people at the starting line would think they were invaded by aliens.

if you would transplant the start of the yukon quest into the street parade, noone would blink an eye, they would fit right in.

What I think: well, they might be just a tad too warmly dressed for that occasion.