Tuesday, August 5, 2008

18, 31, 141

The weights of the women in this house:
in pounds
18, 31, 141

in kg
8, 14, 64

in stones and pounds (gotta love the weight systems!):
1 stone 4 pounds; 2 stones 3 pounds; 10 stones 1 pound

Measurements thanks to the scale Hilary and Ryan and Sophie lent to us so that we could weight our bags and not be over the limit when we fly back, all of our possessions crammed into seven bags.

(Emilie only gets one bag since she is an infant without her own seat. A huge thanks to Ryan for already taking two bags - 40 kg - over to Fairbanks.)

I don't know whether the man in this house would want to have his weight officially posted :), and besides he is not here right now to jump on the scale three times. The girls cooperated happily.

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