Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Prč? (Why?)

We are in the "Why?" stage.

Except that instead of saying Proč (the č is the 'ch' sound written the czech way), Sonja says 'Prč?'. An answer by me is followed by another 'Prč?' from her. And on it continues.

Example of yesterday, when we had the swiss-style mac-n-cheese (eaten topped with fried onions and a side of apple sauce):

me - (in czech) here is the apple sauce
Sonja - Prč? (why?)
me - because that's the traditional way the alpenmacaroni is eaten here
Sonja - Prč?
me - I don't know, you can ask your dad when he gets back.
Sonja - Prč?
me - Because he is Swiss.
Sonja - Prč?
me - Proč se ptáš? (Why are you asking?)
Sonja - because I don't know what "swiss" means.
me (realizing she did pay attention and did not just ask "why" just because) - ... tried to explain what a swiss is...

I guess she had (and continues to have) a reason to continue to ask "why" - the world is a big place. We will see how much patience I have with this stage. Why, why, why? Why? But...!

(We are also at the But! stage, though not to the extent of the why?. The But! only appears when we ask her to do something. The Why? appears anytime, everytime.)

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Cecile said...

It reminds me a discussion with Kolya:
- Kolya, you are going to bed in 5 minutes.
- Why do I have to go to sleep ?
- Because it is the evening ?
- Why is it the evening ?
- Because the sun set behind the mountains ?
- Why did the sun set ?
- Hmm, I guess because the sun was tired.
Then Kolya answered: No, it is because the earth rotates.

Well, I was speechless for 2 seconds. Then, I realized that Kolya had the same discussion with his Dad the day before and he was just repeating Vincent's statements.