Monday, August 6, 2007

That time of the year (cranes, raspberries, fair time); potty

On Saturday, we stopped shortly by Creamer's field, and realized it was that time of the year - not only is our motion sensor light outside our front door triggering by 11 pm, but the cranes are also heading back. Oh well. Overall, it has been a very nice summer. Warm, so that we could eat dinner outside on the porch a lot; but with enough showers to keep the forests wet so that we had perhaps one day of smoke, and that the rain also killed off the wasps that were out in numbers in the beginning of the season.

And the periodic rains made for a nice raspberry crop by our house too. Sonja of course didn't want anything to do with raspberries until about three days ago. By that time August came (and fair time), meaning that it started raining, and has been raining or drizzling since. And the raspberries have started rotting due to all that rain. Still, Sonja now loves going outside and picking any that she can find, often even the ones that are not ripe yet.

Hopefully sometimes this week, or on the weekend, it won't rain, so that we can take Sonja to the fair, and especially to the petting zoo. She loves animals, and I think she would enjoy that a lot. but, exactly since it is fair time, who knows whether the weather will cooperate.

This weekend, Martin also finished the work on the water line from the tank to the pump. He ductaped a heating tape to the hose, and wrapped insulation around it. Finished product lies by his feet in the first picture. Then he crawled underneath the house and got that hose connected from the pump to the tank. I sure was glad I didn't have to do the crawling, since right now I would probably get stuck somewhere down there. As a result of his work, our water comes once again from the underground tank, instead of the tank we borrowed from Keith and Susan (seen behind Martin on that first picture, the big white thing).

I was trying to play a bit with the camera last week, so here is one picture of the bump. I would definitely get stuck crawling underneath the house these days.

The last thing that happened this weekend is that Sonja has now successfully used the potty more than ten times. Only in the mornings and evenings though, but she is definitely excited when she uses it, which makes us excited. She even went #2 in it. We will see whether we manage to keep that up.
A big congrats to Matt and Carrie and bigT on buying the new house and selling the old. Can't wait to see the pics!

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