Monday, August 13, 2007

Grandpa arrives; Sonja's last day at daycare; The Fair; no new arrival yet

Sonja's grandpa arrived on Thursday with a friend of his who wanted to see Alaska. Sonja has taken to grandpa very well, perhaps because we have told her ahead of time that he is coming. And he likes to play with her.

On Friday was Sonja's last day at daycare. I am sure she will miss it somewhat, but we will try to get her involved with other kids her age, perhaps through play groups, or similar. She has definitely had some favorite tachers there, such as Miss Jen from Wobblers class, or Miss Anna from her Toddler class. And of course other kids her age, such as Wylie.

On Friday, we (minus Martin) went to the Fair. I mainly wanted to show Sonja the animals, and that did happen. The petting zoo was almost a bit disappointing, as the only animal that was allowed to be touched was a bunny. The other animals one could feed. Still, I think Sonja had fun. We also went to watch some horse competition, and went through the chicken barn.

Saturday and Sunday we went to two birthday potlucks, for Mette, who turned 40, and Jessica, who turned 39. Weather cooperated for both. Martin remarked how ten years ago, these potlucks would have been full of dogs. These days, the potlucks have plenty of toddlers attending. Funny how times change. And with respect to the numbers. I guess we're getting old, and the people we're hanging out with likewise :). Or perhaps better, not old, but wise.

No news on our expected arrival, the due date was three days ago.

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Snowbike said...

Keep up the bump news!! Maybe that is Martin's job! I'm in Boulder for a super fast meeting w/ Rob and NOAA folks. I'll be home late Tues night, and maybe there will be a new Truffer-Moudry in the world by then!