Friday, August 17, 2007

A quick trip to Goldking

Today the weather forecast was for a beautiful, possibly record-breaking day, and it sure was. In the afternoon, Martin thought we could do a short trip somewhere. Decided to try to go south to Gold King, an airstrip just at the foothills of Alaska Range, a bit over half-hour flight from Fairbanks.

Here is Martin checking the fuel to make sure there is no water in it while Sonja is playing with her car seat. Unfrotunately Sonja really did not want to go flying, and was really really scared inside the airplane. We decided to change the trip. My dad volunteered to stay in Fairbanks with Sonja, while Martin and I did the trip. Since Martin can take grandpa flying next week, even once the new baby arrives, while I probably would not go again before we leave for Europe, we decided to take him up on that offer.

Here's Sonja cuddling in my dad's arms as the airplane pulls away. She really did not like the noise the engine made, but was definitely a happier camper outside the airplane than she had been inside.

In the airplane.

Interior alaska quilt of summer greenery.

In Gold King, we landed, walked around for perhaps half an hour, then headed back to Fairbanks. Grandpa and Sonja were waiting for us when we got there. Sonja really wanted papa's pen when he was writing the trip into his logbook.

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