Sunday, August 26, 2007

One week old

We'll have to work on some nicer pictures, but here are a few. One week after birth, Emilie is watching the world a lot more intently. The first few hours, her brain was probably just trying to figure out what all this information coming from the eyes was all about, and she did not keep them open very long. Now, she will look around, or at least appear to look around, quite a bit more.

And you expect me to be happy that I have a sister now?

Hmmm, her hands are pretty small:

OK, here, I will give her a kiss, but she can't look.

After we brought Emilie home, Sonja started throwing fits about any little thing that happened. Now, a week later, things are a little bit better, but she still definitely feels the change from being an only child to being an older sister. We are trying to do stuff with her on her own, without her sister, and sometimes it helps, and sometimes it does not.

Sonja did have fun playing with Torsten ball at Anne and Don's - Torsten would throw the ball to Matt, Matt to Sonja, and Sonja, after much deliberation, would run within two yards of Torsten, and then throw the ball at him. She really liked that. Thanks, Torsten and Matt for letting us play ball with you! (And nice to see you, Carrie, too!)

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Snowbike said...

We sure had a blast visiting with everyone! Thanks you!

A funny Torsten and Sonia picture