Thursday, August 2, 2007

Swiss National Day - August 1

Yesterday we celebrated the Swiss National Day at Swiss Chris and Denise's house with some good food. Sonja had her swiss shirt on, and enjoyed watching the other kids play ping pong, as well as the bear that Denise brought out for the occasion (see first picture). Other pictures show Rita, with the gazebo that Denise and Chris build in their back yard (including the amazing stained glass windows) , then Denise, Tom and kids with Sami in the foreground (check out the gazebo again-very impressive!); Swiss Chris talking with the other Martin; Boris and Tom chuckling; the other Martin; and Swiss Chris with his daughter Sami. There was a lot of swiss german spoken. I tried to tell Sonja as we were driving there that she will hear other people talking the same language as her dad. Overall, though, she did not pay much attention to others, except for the kids (who spoke english), and mainly wanted to play with us, or to take us places. We will see how she does in Switzerland next year.

And, unrelated, here is Sonja after bathtime the other day.

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Snowbike said...

Wahoo! Happy (belated) Swiss National Day!