Monday, August 6, 2007

Martin's joke about the bump

I started challenging Martin to flossing, since both of us don't do it enough. The other night, when he was doing his daily push-ups, he suddenly started laughing: It occurred to him that he should challenge me in return to do some push-ups. But with the current extension (bump) in front of me, he thought that probably the moment I was ready to do one push up, and started bending my arms, I would immediately get stuck on the bump, and be there like a beached whale, arms and legs flying in all directions. He got quite a kick out of that mental image. :)


Hilary said...

Hi Dana,

Any news about the 'bump' coming out into the real world??

Can't wait to meet him/her in Zurich pretty soon!


Dana said...

3 days past due... and nothing yet.

It will be great to have your company in Zurich next year, I am looking forward to that too!