Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Today we went skijoring. Or rather, rock joring. I hit a lot of rocks with my skis on some places of the Chena Ester Ditch Road.

I was on skis, but unlike yesterday, when Emilie was in the stroller behind me, I had Emilie in a baby carrier on my back. And Sonja behind me. (Full family but without Martin.) While Emilie is a lightweight, I did start feeling her weight on my shoulders pretty fast. I did not want to put the hip belt from the baby carrier on to distribute her weight because I already had the skijor harness on as well as the hip belt from the stroller. I only hooked up one dog at a time. Saphira can pull when she wants to. Cooper pulls great. Except during times when he is trying to defend himself from Saphira's playful attacks.

The skijoring today was a bit tougher than yesterday, because I really did not want to fall with Emilie, and so I think we probably hit more rocks on the road than yesterday.

But now it's snowing again, so perhaps tomorrow might be better. Martin said that yesterday, during his JERCs class, he saw people skiing on Birch Hill too. Might be a good winter. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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