Thursday, October 9, 2008

Playing games: Ten years ago and now

I am still unpacking boxes that we had left here in the house while we were in Europe. Something I came across, from ten years ago: Martin (closest, thinking hard), Ted and Rob playing against a chess grandmaster, Sergey Kudrin.

(And Emilie is in the background, watching what I am doing.)

We'll have to start playing games again, I am pretty guilty about not being very approachable since I think I always need to do something else. Soulemama has a post about playing games, and there are many suggestions for games to play in the comments to that post. May be we can try the Left-Right-Center with Sonja. And when we get some adults visiting, we will have to take out the Brandidog that we were given by the thoughtful Swiss.

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Matt Heavner said...

awesome relic from the past!! I agree--it is hard to play games. But important!