Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Sonja seems to have crocodiles on her mind quite a bit lately. It's not that she is thinking about them every minute. Just at least once a day.

Two weeks ago as we were waking up, and for some reason she was not in our bed yet, I heard her call me from her room. Since I was groggy as always, I called out to her to come over and join us in the big bed. She called back that she can't, that there is a crocodile there. I forget whether I went in to rescue her from that crocodile.

Crocodiles appear not only in the morning, but also in the evening. So I also had to gather all of the (imaginary) crocodiles one night when I was putting her to bed, and throw them out into the hallway. At least she didn't tell me that they crawled back in five minutes later, otherwise I would have had to throw them outside perhaps.

They appear very randomly. Luckily, they did not show up in the swimming pool yet (Sonja's taking swimming lessons). And, apparently not all of the crocodiles are bad. Some are good. So far, they did not bite anyone, or eat anyone. I will have to ask Sonja tomorrow whether, by any chance, all of the crocodiles are actually good crocodiles, since they did no harm to anyone or anything?

We just don't know where the crocodiles came from, but it is fun to have them around.

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