Friday, October 10, 2008

Mysteries of the freezer

One funny side-effect of our housesitters heading back home to New Zealand is that they left all sorts of things behind. Wonderful rugs in the living room. Marmite in the pantry. It is the things in the freezer that are the biggest mystery. Here is one bag form the freezer:

My initial guess when I just saw the bag, without really looking inside, was "oh, they saved some bones for the dog(s)". Nope, that wasn't it. Emilie loves the contents.

Another freezer bag contains a fist-sized chunk of a white substance, a bit bigger than a soapbar, cut in half. Cheese? We will see when I get courageous enough to take it inside and cut into it. A chunk of meat is there also. Moose? Caribou? Who knows. It will make for a nice roast, whatever it is.

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