Monday, October 6, 2008

Meet Cooper

Meet our new dog, Cooper. Saphira's boyfriend from this past year while we were gone to Europe, according to Sandy, who took care of Saphira. Super with kids. And super skijor dog, too. Both of those things we verified in the last two days since we got him. He comes from a family with three small kids, and our kids took to him and he to them without any problems at all. And today we went skijoring, Emilie and I with the dogs. One dog at a time, since the road is still a bit rocky. I was on my rock skis (an old pair of skis that I don't mind going over rocks with, and today, I did hit a lot of rocks), and Emilie was in the chariot behind me, though I didn't put the skis on it but left it on the wheels. Fun, fun, fun. Can't wait for more snow! And Cooper is a good boy. The only thing that could be better is if he and Saphira listened. As it is, we cannot let them outside both at the same time. It happened by chance in the first hour we got Cooper (around noon), and then we didn't see them again until fifteen hours later. Now we know. But he is a good boy, and really sweet with the kids. Thanks, Sandy, for the tip-off about Cooper.

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Cecile said...

Wish you lots of fun with Copper.