Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We went to a book reading at our library last saturday. After the reading, there was an activity for the kids to do: a blank page with an outline of a person, that they could color out and cut out and put on a stick as a puppet.

Sonja started hers out in her typical fashion, coloring with one color all over the place. After a bit, I asked her, what about the eyes? And so she drew the eyes. And the nose. And the mouth. (The nose is a circle, the mouth is an equally sized circle below the nose. Must be the "Moudry" nose since it is so big.) And she cut the puppet of herself out. And then she continued and made a puppet for papa, one for me, and one for Emilie. Mine has the short hair like I have it. And by the time she wanted to do Emilie's, I wanted to leave, so she told me that she will hurry with that one. I cut the other puppets out for her.

Anyways, I am pretty proud to see eyes on her little people.

(L to R, Sonja, Papa, Mama and Emilie. Sonja cut her puppet out herself.)

Skijor update
Two kids: Yesterday the girls, dogs and I went skijoring. Sonja was in the Chariot. Emilie was on my back in my jacket, the way people wear their babies up north. The two dogs pulled us. It was a bit marginal going that way, but when need be, I will do it again that way.

More snow: Overnight, it started snowing, and it continues to snow. Today we went skijoring again, with Emilie in the Chariot (Sonja is in daycare). Found fewer rocks than last time. It might be time to get the chariot on skis instead of wheels. I am really glad for the snow, it makes the winter in Fairbanks much more enjoyable.

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