Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Martin wanted to have Emilie baptised, and so it happened at the same time as Ivan's (Ivan is his sister's son, 4 months old), a week ago. The day was bright and clear, and a bit on the cool side. The church was near (10 mins walk) the village where his sister lives. Unheated church - that initially caused me some concern. Many thanks to Lucas, Martin's godson, for taking all the pictures - he was in charge of our camera that day.

The church.

The priest going over a few things before the actual start, in the sunshine outside the church, since that is where everyone was absorbing the sunshine before going into the cold building.

Nice view of the inside.

The (warm) water on Emilie's head, with Martin's sister Cornelia as the Gotta (godmother) and his dad as the Getti (godfather).

Since I am writing this in English-based window, it is pretty funny that should be Křtiny, becomes, without the hat on the "r", Krtiny - molehills, if you like, or something else entirely.

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