Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sonja duck, mama duck, papa duck

At "the children's place" store in San Francisco last year I got Sonja the puzzle consisting of 16 wooden blocks, which can be arranged into one of six pictures depicting farm animals: either ducks, chickens, sheep, cow, horse or pig. Somehow she loves the ducks. (She can put the picture of ducks together by herself, without our assistance.) She loves the ducks so much so that she not only points out the mama duck and papa duck (after Martin taught her that the duck with the green head is actually papa duck, it took him a while to persuade her of it), but she also named the three ducklings in the picture: the smallest one is Sonja Duck, the next bigger one is Emilie Duck, and the third one is Baby Duck. Sorta like our family: there is Sonja, there is Emilie, and there is the doll that is simply named Baby.

Sonja really does like those ducks a lot. In the last week, Sonja has wanted to take the blocks with Sonja Duck, Mama Duck, and Papa Duck with her to bed when she went for either nap or night-night several times. Especially for the nighttime, I always try to go in some time later and take those wooden cubes out - don't want her to wake up if she rolls onto them. But it is funny to see how much she likes them.

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