Saturday, November 10, 2007

No more jumping like Clifford through the fallen leaves

Since we found a local park within the first two weeks of coming to Zurich, Sonja has enjoyed jumping through the piles of leaves like Clifford (the Big Red Dog) does in the book "Clifford's First Autumn". Even on Monday, when we discovered that they had cleared the park of all the leaves since our last visit, one tree still luckily had some... and they were still falling from it... and so we ended up making a pile under that tree and jumping through the pile. Then Thursday night came the wind. And the rain/drizzle/occasional snow. We haven't gone to the park, but whatever leaves remained underneath the one tree are probably now blown all over, and that tree itself will be leafless, considering the windy conditions have now lasted two days.

Friday, we visited Elsbeth and Lena again in Einsiedeln (Tinu was working, we didn't see him). There it is high enough that instead of rain/drizzle they had snow. Blowing snow. Sonja did not like much that encounter, but we were not quite dressed for it either. So now, instead of playing in the leaves, we'll be playing in the snow...

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